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KGB GB: NVQ Level 2 Award in Coaching

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This is a brand new, exciting, completely comprehensive course that dives deep into coaching sport, with the underpinning emphasis on Kickboxing.

This is a National Vocational Qualification at Level 2. Specifically the:

Level 2 Award in the Principles of Coaching Sport (RFQ)

This qualification is delivered with our partner the Universal Training Academy and awarded by Focus Awards.

Aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the various coaching methods, best practices, policies and procedures in general and that of your Kickboxing Organisation.

The specific modules focussed around WAKO GB & Kick-boxing include theoretical practices, practical warm up & cool down exercises, biomechanics movements that are used in a well rounded Kickboxing Programme and expressed by WAKO GB as a whole.

Objectives :      By the end of the course attendees should be able to:

  1. Undrstand what the term Coach means
  2. Be able to list and discuss a plethora of coaching principles for all sports
  3. Understand the complete process of the safe & effective session planning for Kickboxing.
  4. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of techniques for techniques used.
  5. Safely and effectively use the technology for each of the strikes and drills used in kickboxing to determine individual mechanics.
  6. Demonstrate competent ability to teach and train students of a basic to advanced ability.
  7. Understand the WAKO GB Policies & Procedures
  8. Complete their portfolio


Coaching Course Resources

What you get on this course is a fully loaded online platform with manuals for each module, videos and presentations to follow and make notes from.

Coaching Course Structure

The lesson structure of this course has completely upgraded.

It’s been set out in a specific way, so that by the time the learner, you, have (has) progressed to the WAKO specific bits, you’ve got a huge understanding of Coaching Principles across all sports, Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Prescription and Health & Safety from an Instructors POV.

The WAKO Instructor Specific literature and lessons then follow, which, nicely flows into Kickboxing Specific learning.

Now, we’re not here as a tutorial into how to throw (X) strike or choreograph detailed combinations, you’re wearing a black belt, you’re WAKO Graded and a full member of the organisation, you should be competent in delivering this. What we do discuss as a topic, is Movement Mechanics. Applying the knowledge of biomechanics to Martial Arts. This in turn, allows the instructor to better tailor learning to individuals in the class regardless of joint mobility restrictions etc.

Course Requirements

In order to complete this course, the learner must:

  • Be Age 16+
  • Be A Black Belt or Eqiuvalent
  • Be A Kickboxing GB Member
  • Hold a valid DBS
  • Hold valid Insurance
  • Be aware that by completing this course, you will be bound by compliance of all Kickboxing GB Policies, by UK Anti-Doping rules and co-operate with code-compliant anti-doping investigations and proceedings.

Copies of the above relevant certificates will be required as part of the assessment process



WAKO Kickboxing. Policies, Protocols and Documentation