WAKO ICC Level 1 Advanced Certification

WAKO ICC Level 1 – Instructor Coaching Course Advanced Certification

This is our fully upgraded version 2.0 of the I.C.C.

We’ve called it ADVANCED due to the integration of the (previously unreleased) Level 2 course.

Since 2011, we have been educating members on the importance of WAKO Policies, best practices in kickboxing and applying the fundamentals of coaching into our methodology.

This course, in addition to the previous material, now boasts:

  • More Modules
  • Full Anatomy & Physiology Learning
  • Safeguarding Integration
  • Movement Mechanics in Martial Arts 
  • Live Workshops for Practical Application
  • A deeper assessment protocol

What the ‘instructor’ gets is a fully loaded online platform with manuals for each module, videos and presentations to follow and make notes from, a full live teaching day followed closely by an assessment day.

There is also a technique Workbook that must be brought to the live workshop to populate over the duration of the learning with a tutor.

Course Overview:

The Aim of this is to develop an understanding of the various practical exercises, movements & sessions  that are used in the Kickboxing Programmes such as combinations and variations in movement.

By the end of the live workshop day, attendees should be able to:

  • Completely mobilise and ‘warm up’ the group
  • Apply combinations into a realistic fighting methodology as well as for fitness improvements
  • Completely apply developmental stretching to the group as a ‘cool down’
  • Plan, Design & Deliver a full 60 minute session for your partner and/or group of people that includes a Warm Up, Main Session, Cool Down

Time Table of the live workshop and Assessment Day:

    • 08:45 Arrive
    • 09:00 Introduction and check PARQ / Paperwork
    • 09:30 Tutor led Kickboxing Class.
    • 10:30 Comfort Break
    • 10:45 Practical: Warm Up & Cool Down Protocols
    • 12:00 LUNCH
    • 12:45 Practical: Movement Mechanics Workshop
    • 14:00 Coaching Model
    • 15:30 Complex Building: Understanding Combinations
    • 16:30 Complex Selection for Assessment & Preparation
    • 17:00 Course Consolidation & Close


ICC-L1 Module 03 - WAKO Kickboxing Programme Overview