WAKO ICC L1 (Instructor Coaching Course Level 1) – Online

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This coaching course is designed to give instructors and assistant instructors an overview and the relevant tools & basic structure of running a Martial Arts Club, Class and Session within WAKO GB. It will issue a National Instructor qualification via WAKO GB to it's Instructors. A WAKO Instructor or Teacher will be a person who has achieved a level of technical competence in Martial Arts to a minimum of 1st Dan or its equivalent and also passed a WAKO Coaching assessment. Only those aged 18 or over may apply for this course/assessment.


WAKO ICC 02 – Portfolio Download and Review

Length: 120 minutesAuthor: adminComplexity: Standard

You MUST Download the WAKO GB Coaching Course Instructor Portfolio and review it from cover to cover. This task, to review, should take no longer than 60 minutes. The following…