WAKO CPD: Nutrition Strategies Course – Live

This Nutrition Course is an excellent addition to the arsenal of different tools that a trainer can use for their clients & students.

It is important to support a training regime with nutritional guidance and advice for your clients. We will teach you the core principles of nutrition as well as how to apply it into your training programmes.

Learning the foundations of nutrition for exercise will enable you or your client to strive further, train longer and harder and recover quicker – THIS COURSE WILL DELIVER.

Course Information:

Entry Requirements: Valid Membership For UFIT
NONE For UMAT, U:ST, U:PT or where   no REPs points are required
Assessment(s): Theory (40 Questions, 70%pass Mark, 1 hr)
Practical (Demonstration of Basic drills)
Duration: 1 day
(subject to change)
Pre Course (2.5 Hours) Review Manual
10:00 Registration & Theory
11:15 Break
11:30 Theory
13:00 Break
13:45 Theory
15:15 Break
15:30 Knowledge checks
17:00 Consolidation
Outcome: WAKO GB &  Associated Company Certification
REP(s) points if (UFIT) & where applicable
Format: IntraClub Max 20 up to 20 people maximum
IntraClub Max 12 up to 12 people maximum
IntraClub Max 6 Up to 6 people maximum
Individual Exclusive to 1 person booking onto a national day
Format & Price: IntraClub Max 20 £1695 (+ VAT & Expenses*)
IntraClub Max 12 £995 (+ VAT & Expenses*)
IntraClub Max 6 £595  (+ VAT & Expenses*)
*Expenses can include travel, equipment shipping, accommodation (if necessary) and printing costs   (Optional, if desired hard copies.)
Discounts: Can Apply. Contact courses@wakogb.com for details
Included: Manual, Certificate, Example Sessions & if applicable, other relevant material